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Classroom Amplification Systems






Headset Mic UHF Wireless Transmitter UHF Wireless


Belt & Pouch Amplifiers
Batteries & Charger Wall Mount
Ceiling Mount

Key Benefits

Classroom Amplification Systems are being ranked by many teachers 
as the most important piece of equipment used in Classroom Instruction, even above the Computer and the Overhead Projector. These systems benefit all of the Students in the Classroom as well as the Teacher. Classroom Amplification Systems can also integrate and consolidate all of the Classroom Audio Sources to drive a Personal FM System for the Hearing Impaired Student.


Professional System - Overview

The Alphanet Professional - Classroom Amplification Systems are based on TOA Sound Products. TOA: Microphones, UHF Wireless Systems, Amplifiers and Wide Dispersion Speakers have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. Alphanet Systems Inc. has put these systems together for your benefit at very competitive prices. There is no need to select systems that have less than a five year warranty and that do not match or even come close to our technical specifications. It is important for you to become very knowledgeable with respect to Classroom Amplification Systems and our hope is that the alphanet.ca website has made this possible for you.


bulletAlphanet "Wall Mount" System ------------------------ AWM System
bulletAlphanet "Ceiling Mount" System -------------------- ACM System
bulletAlphanet "Enhanced Ceiling Mount" System ---- AECM System

System - Objectives

Why does the sound emanating from 
One "Wide Dispersion" Ceiling Speaker
sound Clearer and Crisper than from
Two or Four "Conventional" Wall Mount Speakers?

Speaker Characteristics
for High Clarity & Intelligibility Classroom Audio
Sound Field FM - Classroom Amplification Systems

How to Minimize Audio Feedback

How to Integrate & Consolidated 
All of Your Classroom Audio Sources into
One Superb - Classroom Amplification System

Tips on Using

Acoustics & Sound Information

Personal FM Connection

Soundfield FM Systems - Comparison Chart

Technical Presentation

Reference Links

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